Teen with Autism Wins Paralympics Gold

Michael Brannigan of the United States won the gold medal in the 1500 meters race of the Paralympics this year.

The 19-year- old from Northport said after claiming the gold medal that he is going to keep on practicing and improving to get stronger. Brannigan who intends to cross over from the Paralympics to the Olympics won a gold medal for team USA on 13th September 2016 in the 1500 meters race. He led the race from start to the end achieving this about a month after breaking the mile in 4 minutes barrier.

Mikey has he is popularly called by friends can run a mile in under four minutes, and has successfully broken a world record and is currently courted by over 200 colleges.

He was diagnosed with autism when he was just eighteen months old and has T20 classification (Intellectual disability). “He moved from crawling to running and he had been running into walls,” Edie, Brannigan’s mom told the press.

When he was younger, he was enrolled in a running club for children with special need, Rolling
Thunder, where his life changed.

At the age of just seventeen, he was seen as one of the best 10 runners in high school in the United States. But at this point, he was only running a mile at 4 minutes, 7 seconds.

His autism hindered him from attending a Division I school to run track as he could not pass the standardized test. He trains fully at the New York Athletic Club and attends Community College currently.

Brannigan is thriving despite this entire setback.

He ran 3:57:58 during a meet on Aug. 5, confirming his position as the first T20-Classified athlete to complete the race within the barrier of 4 minutes.

He claimed the men 1500-meter T20 Gold in 2015 in Doha, Qatar at the International Paralympics Committee Athletics World Championship.

In 2014 he told NBC that he love to work hard and make fun, to keep on improving daily so as to beat his personal best.

Anything could happen by my experience with Mikey, Brannigan mom said in an interview. “I will like to inform people that stay tuned. He has been outstanding in a number of times, and he is unstoppable now. Anything could happen. My prediction is that he could make it to the Olympics and win”

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