Essential Ingredients to Maintaining a Successful Relationship: The ASD Edition

Autistic people are unique and interpret the world differently from other people. Their difference is most evident in their social interactions and ways of communication. Autistic people have their own language and implement systems that match them. If you are in contact with a child or adult who has been diagnosed with autism – ASD, it is important that you learn his / her language so that you can communicate with him and approach him in the right way.

In order to best address these problems of social interaction, it is necessary to clearly identify their nature. They have nothing to do with extreme timidity, nor are they the result of voluntary social withdrawal. The best way to understand is to observe the evolution of an adult completely.

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Autism, Hidden Curriculum and Making Friends

By definition, those who struggle with autism have a hard time interacting socially with others. It would be over simplifying things to say that most of their social exchanges are riddled with foot in the mouth comments, because they are usually unaware of what counts as appropriate exchange and what doesn’t –in order words, on their own they are not capable of grasping the social situation around them enough to know when to be embarrassed.

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The Truth about Social Communication Disorder

Speech language pathologists Diane Paul and Donna Murray will inform us on what social communication disorder is and how to treat it. It is a new addition to the Diagnosis and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 5th edition (SCD). It covers problems with interaction, social understanding and pragmatics which refers to using language in the right context. For example, it is important that a child from the early age learns how to communicate with parents at home versus communication with the teacher at school.

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