Tips For Individuals With Autism On Finding Employment

There is hardly a person on the autism spectrum that has not had to contend with the fact that their job prospects are not as bright as those of the next person. While this paints a true scenario, the situation is not entirely hopeless. There are many autistic people who go on to be gainfully employed, some in more than one job. Others go on to successfully start and run business, some in more than one endeavour. You can only go as far as your mind is willing to reach, and this is true even for those on the autism spectrum. That said, here are a few tips that could help brighten those prospects a little and make the process of job hunting easier.

Employment for autistic individuals

  1. Find What You Are Passionate About and Maximise It

Many people today join the job market today without a clear cut plan...


How Tennis Can Help Your Child With Autism

Many are the sleepless nights that will be earned when thinking of the right physical activity for your child who struggles with autism. Most sports have a limitation built in that makes them not quite right for those on the autistic spectrum. Virtually all team sports fall into this category. However, many people are catching on to the fact that some individual sports are quite capable of giving their child all the mental, physical, and social development that they need. One of these sports is Tennis. Tennis can help your autistic child in a number of ways:

Children With Autism And Hypersensitivity-Communication Tips To Help

Do you recall the icky, soggy feeling you get when you get caught in a rain storm and your clothes are soaked through? Or maybe the tooth-jarring the feeling that you get when you hear fingernails scrape across a board? Well, if these type of scenarios make you uncomfortable then they put you in a situation where you have experienced hypersensitive sensory dislike or aversion.

Of course, you are most likely able to take care of your problem by talking about your feelings with others and recovering quickly. However, things are not so easy with some other people. Some children suffer from sensory processing disorder (or SPD, a condition that was previously known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction), a condition where the messages transmitted by the senses are not properly regulated...