11 Things I have learned since Being Diagnosed as Autistic

For those of us who are autistic, the world appears vastly different from how it appears to other people.

And it gets even more interesting-if you can use that term-when you consider that as a spectrum condition, each autistic person sees the world differently from another. There is no seen-one-seen-‘em-all scenario here. On the contrary, once you’ve met one person with autism…you’ve met one person with autism-that’s it.

So, as one would expect, this is a much personalised list since I can only speak for myself. These are 11 things which I have learned since being diagnosed with autism.

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Autism Assessment and Diagnosis

Assessment and Diagnoses of Autism

Finding out that somebody close to you may require assessment into whether they have autism is never an easy process to go through. But it is one that is best done as early as possible.

Early diagnoses of the problem, especially in children, can lead to vital interventions that could be potentially life-altering.

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Helping your child recognise feelings (love, attractive, hurt – the whole spectrum)

One of the most heart breaking symptoms of autism spectrum disorder or ASD is the perceived lack of emotional connection.

Autistic people are just not ‘tuned in’ so to speak. This inability is most felt by members of the immediate family, especially parents in the case of autistic children.

It can be hard for a child struggling with Autistic Spectrum Disorder to understand his feelings, let alone the emotional responses and tendencies of others.


The DIR Floortime Model

“Let’s help our children become the poets of their inner lives. “ -Stanley Greenspan (photo: Dr. Greenspan; DIRFloortime®)

Play is a voluntary activity and is differentiated from social skills training in which specialized skills are methodically taught. These skills are learned subtly through assistance and exchanges with others. Floor Time is based on child initiations that are supported by adults. In this model the child is the center of this universe.

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Parents can’t want their children struggle. For parents of children with autism, there are ways to help your child learn social skills, though. The work often starts in a therapy session, but it does not stop there. With the right understanding and practice, you can play a major role in your child’s education. Start with the basics — just as your child will.

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