Super Parenting

Here’s introducing super-parenting; an effective communication therapy that focuses on the parents of autistic children in order for them to have a deep understanding of how their child relates to everyday life, especially in terms of social skills .

This kind of therapy concentrates on kids with extreme autism, who are frequently unable to converse.

Super parenting for Autism

Image Courtesy: The Sun

During a training session the parent is accompanied by a therapist who helps them acquire a  set of “super-skills” with precision so that the parent can easily converse with their child. The idea behind it all emphasizes on improving the child’s daily interaction with the world.


Dr Catherine Aldred, a consultant speech and language therapist with Stockport NHS Trust, stressed it was not about blaming the parents.


“We’re taking the parent’s interaction with the child and taking it to a ‘super’ level, these children need more than ‘good enough’, they need something exceptional,” she said.

You’re being really skilled-up by these people who trust your judgement about what makes your child tick.


In the training, parents were asked to watch films of themselves while playing with their child during which the therapist gave tips for helping their child communicate with them.


“What is remarkable is the pay-off,” said Louisa Harrison, who has seen a huge improvement in her son Frank.


.”Several years ago it was a largely silent interaction, but now he will be so chatty, ‘Mummy, Mummy, look they’ve gone on in a different order.’


“If you’d told me four years ago he’d come out with a sentence like that then I’d be crying,” Louisa added.


The researchers’ idea was simple: improve mum’s and dad’s parenting to improve the social skills of the child. These exceptional parents were willing to undergo hard work and eventually these small steps encouraged the child to speak up and speak more.


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