Strategies On How to Help Yourself on Your Way of Self-Acceptance While Struggling With Autism

This post was written by jeffrey alan ford, a man who was awarded a title “genius of the year” by the world genius directory. He was growing up with a disorder (asperger’s syndrome) since the childhood, but was not diagnosed with it until well into adulthood. This experience definitely made his upbringing more difficult. Eventually, he managed to overcome all the obstacles and become a recognized and prominent writer. Here are strategies he would like to share with you to overcome this abyss and anguish with your diagnose.


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Accept your situation

There is absolutely nothing you can do to change the course of life. It is difficult for people to accept who they are and stop pretending to be someone else. It was not until I completely embraced the rough reality of living with autism, that I was able to make a progress in life. Autism, as a syndrome, does not influence your other qualities as a person, therefore, you are the one who needs to take the best out of it and learn to live with autism in best possible way.

Do not be mad at the world

At times, you are likely to be suffering as you cannot control the part of your personality affected by autism. However, do not be mad at those who perhaps laughed at you while displaying some unusual characteristics. Those who have judged you based on this aspect, do not deserve your anger. Forgive them and you will definitely feel better. It does not mean you should suffer insults or any form of abusive behaviour. It is important to know when to draw the line. Remember that every person has flaws, their disadvantage is lack of understanding, while we are challenged by autism, therefore, when I am not treated properly by someone, it is due to their ignorance. These people do not deserve my anger.

Take time

Many people, including me, wanted to be perfect, to say everything correctly at the right moment, but guess what-it is not possible. I was striving towards something which was not even possible for people who do not suffer from autism. I have an always wanted to be perfect. Since I could not fulfil the social standards without fearing that my characteristics will worm they way in the public, I was fearing social gatherings or any other form of socializing. The truth is, I am improving and have fun doing so. Life will not always turn out as we expected, the truth is, we should take the best out of it.

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