Shoprite Steps Up For Children with Autism by Opening an Autism-Friendly Checkout

Kristin jackowski, a mom who has pushed for a change in target’s checkout lines has almost lost all the hopes. This concerned mom from plymouth could not dream of her petition being answered. Luckily, a market from Delaware has already decided to make a change. Paul kourtis, a shop director, did not quite understand the petition at first. You do not have to be a parent of an autistic child to be aware of all the difficulties these parents put up with especially when faced with everyday situations such as waiting in checkout lanes.


image courtesy – shoprite

Kourtis has made a quick research and discovered all the struggles of waiting in the line with all the colourful candy bars and other sweets tempting from both sides, thus, being easily accessible. Other parents confirmed it is not about a temper tantrum, but something more serious which is a cause of headache to most of the parents.
After a great deal of thinking, kourtis has come to a solution to replace all the shelves at the checkout abundant in candy bars with sensory-friendly games such as play-doh, small puzzles, rattles etc. Other bigger shops do procrastinated and did not took the pettition seriously, while paul kourtis made a significant change in the treatment of authistic children. This diligent and clever shop director was listening to his customers carefully and was acting accordingly.
He was the one to adjust the shop to the needs of customers within few days as the aisle bloomed on Wednesday morning. Kourtis mentioned this matter to the shop owner pat burns who gave him green light announcing that shoprite will form workshops to teach their employees on how to deal with and understand autistic children which would definitely contribute to the overall satisfaction with the shop.
Shoprite has encountered positive feedbacks and words of praise from its customers as one of the eighteen checkout lines is now graced with sensory-friendly items, thus, being adjusted to autistic children and their parents. More and more parents are able to recognize the autism puzzle sign which differentiates this particular line from the eighteen of others.
People are more than satisfied with this new idea which has been implemented recently in shoprite store. Although many people do not have an autistic child, most of them do know someone who has. After all, it is pleasure to shop in the place where your voice is being heard and your petitions and needs satisfied.
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