Potty training children with autism is one of the early challenges that parents have to deal with. Fortunately, a lot of research has been done on this and there are quite a few resources available to help parents to train their children. However, home training is still important and these tips will help you to deal with the potty training difficulties you usually face.

Using A Toy Potty And Doll

Modeling with a toy potty and a doll is not only funny for some children, it helps get the point across.Prior to the actual act of potty training talk to the child of what they are going to be learning. Diaper changing times are a great time to enthusiastically share the news. Don’t forget YOU will set the tone so be happy and enthusiastic.

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Track your child’s eating and diaper change habits for one week. Document times. Use these times as your future potty times.

Consider keeping your child diaper-less as you potty train. This will require you to be very vigilant. Many moms swear that this is the surest and quickest way to potty train.

Buy big girl panties or underwear with your child. Be enthusiastic about the purchase.

Have your child help pick out their potty chair from the store. Make this a big event filled with enthusiasm and praise.

Select a wardrobe of easy to remove pants and shorts. You don’t want to frustrate your child with busy buttons and zippers.

All of these tips and tricks will help keep potty training on the forefront. You don’t want to take your child by surprise. This can immediately lead to a meltdown and delayed success. Be patient and understanding. Children can quickly pick up on your emotions. One of the most important things that I have learned is that although my son did not look at me in the eye he knew my mood. Therefore, plan for the event and make your child a part of the planning. This will help ensure your mutual success.

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