Autism is a condition present from early childhood. It is characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

Living with autism is a very difficult experience to most people having the condition because it is very hard for them to communicate or even study, but in the recent past with the help of technology, their lives have been better as technological tools that help them in their day to day activities has been invented. A kindle touch, a product from the Amazon is one of them.

A Kindle Could Be Your Best Tool To Handle Autism

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It is the first of the touchscreen e-book series that has so much to offer to people with the autism disorder, this is because it can be loaded with familiar applications that one can use in school, home setting and other information regarding the day-to-day activities for an autism person thus minimizing their communication challenges.

The kindle was introduced in the United States in November 2012. It is designed with features that make it portable and durable that you can carry it with you everywhere you go. The kindle was further updated to the kindle paper touch which is the newest version. The kindle is installed with 4 GB memory which is non-expandable but big enough to store over 3000 e-books and also can access the vast amazon’s large ecosystem and library. It can also access the amazon app store where one can access a number of apps necessary for his use including, Facebook, iTunes, twitter and much more.

With the kindle touch is correct to say you have more than just an e-book as it comes with Wi-Fi connectivity, email checking and web browsing options, micro USB and 3.5mm headphone jackpot sockets. The kindle has a long-lasting battery life which can stay to up to 2 months if one uses it daily to read a book for 30 min. it is also installed with features that can help convert e-books to audio books with either female or male voices. The device has a 6 inch diagonal most advance ink multi-touch display. It weighs 213 grams.

The kindle has the following advantages to its users. It is light and affordable since it’s less expensive when compared with the other e-books such as the Apple IPad. It is also the only touchscreen available device of its kind and as such it’s an advantage. The touchscreen help the kids with non-verbal autism in communication with other people as the touch helps in communication and social interaction with other kids. It makes them less disadvantaged. It also helps those with sensory issue thus finding it hard to write as they will just write using the touchscreen keyboard. The kindle can be used as a source of entertainment thus reducing boredom.

The device also comes with some disadvantages that cannot be ignored when talking about it. They include; the device is not as responsive as one would wish it to be. It is sluggish when one uses it to read regardless of not all people with autism are slow readers. Also, the device doesn’t offer a lot of autism-related apps as compared to its rival the apple iPad. This proves to be a disadvantage as it limits what an autistic can access.

Lastly, it’s important to know that people with autism will not have the ability to use any form of a tablet, e-reader or computer, thus there is no set rules and protocols and concept that can put into perspective what autism really is. But rather, this device helps most autistic people in their day to day activities and also the people around them to communicate and live with them.

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