Niam Jain, despite his blooming age (13) keeps inspiring people all over the world with his artistic skills which manifested in abstract paintings. Having been diagnosed with a social communication disorder at the age of two, this young boy had difficulties expressing himself as language was not the proper tool, even though Niam had so much to share with the rest of the world. This incredible artistic story began a year ago when Niam’s mother Nina Jain bought him a paintbrush.

Incredible - this teen with autism is wooing art collectors with his paintings

Image Courtesy – Niam Jain/Etsy

Since then, boy’s life takes a new turn. He simply embraced painting and spends numerous hours in his art studio where he finds the needed solitude and calmness. First offers for the paintings were coming from family members or close friends. However, Nina Jain posted boy’s paintings online and was amazed with the amount of attention thas was drawn to his artwork. Offers were pouring and his abstract art captured the attention of notable and prominent collector Andrew Cumming who has spent a considerable amount of time choosing and chasing valuable paintings.

However, Cumming’s home is designed as a gallery where he exhibits works of established artists and his wall was graced with two Niam’s paintings so the visitors could take a glimpse at the artistic beauty. This talented boy has sold forty six paintings so far and made almost twenty thousand dollars and  does not plan to stop with his unusual and extricate way of expressing himself,thus, constantly being loaded with demands for the more of his work.

What is more important is Niam’s personal progress as he became more open to the world, gained confidence and reached the state of calmness and needed serenity. His work was spotted by the Calgary gallery owner who as taken away by the  Niam’s mastery and technique. Also, Rosada, the owner of the gallery Kontemporary Art plans has been admiring art and representing artists and their work in Europe.
Now he wants to include some of Niam’s paintings in his copious collection and show his work to the rest of the world. It is important to mention it is the quality of art, not boy’s early age of thirteen or autism that aroused Rosada’s interest and contributed to the attention that has been paid to him.

What Nina Jain, appraises the most is the transformation within her son as this talented boy cannot wait to get up, start a new day and get carried away in art. We are looking forward to Niam’s personal and artistic progress and bright future which lays before him.


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