Crystal Healing and Autism

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals.

Those who subscribe to this practice believe these crystals in the eons long process of being formed, acquire several unique physical properties that emit vibrations and strong energies which have an effect on the surrounding aura or energy fields of people.

In one of the more popular techniques of crystal healing therapy, different crystals or gemstones, chosen for their colour or believed metaphysical properties, are placed at different parts of the body corresponding to different chakra points.

It is believed the crystals act as energy conduits, allowing the inflow of positive energy and the outflow of negative energy.

crystal healing technique for autism

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Proponents of crystal healing trace its history back to ancient Egyptian and Mesopotamian or Sumerian times-about 6000 years. But it is more likely that the present alternative medicine therapy is much more modest in that regard given that it borrows heavily from Eastern beliefs and doctrines most notably, the Chinese concept of chi/qi or life energy and the Buddhist doctrine of chakras.

Crystal Healing and Autism

There have been many claims of crystals being used to ease the symptoms of autism or autism spectrum disorder. While these are hugely anecdotal in nature and in no way constitute scientific evidence, here are a few crystals that have been claimed to be effective in treating autism and its symptoms:

Clear Quartz:

clear quartz for autism

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Other than being very affordable, clear quartz is very popular in crystal therapy because it is believed to offer balance: balance in left and right brain activity, balance of emotions, balance during periods of mental, physical and emotional stress, all of which are symptoms of autism. It is also thought to improve an individual’s overall energy.


gold therapy for autism

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Gold is one of the most valuable metals on Earth, but it takes on added value in the field of crystal healing. Gold is believed to transmit energy throughout the body and the brain. Thus, it is recommended you wear it close to the head (by incorporating it in earrings, necklaces and so on). Gold is also said to be effective in the treatment of neurological and heart disorders, effective in cases of autism, dyslexia, scoliosis and epilepsy. Historically, there have been cases gold being used as a nervine and also of improvement in autism when patients were treated with gold salts like in 2005 as reported by the Age of Autism and in the middle ages. A 2002 study in the Meridian Institute also looked at ‘‘Gold and Its Relationship to Neurological/Glandular Conditions.’


moldovite for autism

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Said to be highly effective when worn close to the heart or heart chakra, Moldovite helps people who are sensitive to their environments. Like gold and quartz above, it helps in the balance of left and right brain function. Due to the high amount of vibrations and energy it possesses it is not considered child-friendly, and should be used only by adults who will consequently experience a surge in energy.


sugilite for autism

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Sugilite is said to be particularly useful in handling emotionally stressful situations. It is said sugilite aligns all chakra points, balancing your energies-highly useful for those with dyslexia, motor function disorders, pain, and autism.

Because there is no peer reviewed scientific study that attests to the efficacy of crystal healing therapy, it is considered pseudoscience by the scientific community.

It is widely believed that any relief that any patients feel from this therapy is simply due to the placebo effect.


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