Why Is Socializing A Mammoth Task For Autistic People??

For a long time, autism has been perceived as a mysterious and obscure pathology. For a long time people with autism have been considered “ineducable”, impossible to socialize and incapable of learning. When “autism” was first diagnosis and acknowledged, parents of autism affected children were told that “there is not much to do”.

The same prejudice was seen back in history, during the nineteenth century, when the deaf were considered as mentally retarded and placed in the asylums. Till today autism evokes a thought of “mental illness”, a “psychiatric disorder” and are put under priority care. The moment a child has been diagnosed with autism, he /she is recommended to a psychiatrist and access to education or schooling is often incidental.


Adult Autism: The Challenges and Prospects

Today, there are thousands of adults who suffer from untreated autism and have difficulty finding information and programs to support their needs. There is much written about children with this condition, however very little is spoken about adult autism, and there may also be so many adults living undiagnosed. Knowing some of the common symptoms and facts about autism will help you figure out whether you are living with autism as an adult.

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The DIR Floortime Model

“Let’s help our children become the poets of their inner lives. “ -Stanley Greenspan (photo: Dr. Greenspan; DIRFloortime®)

Play is a voluntary activity and is differentiated from social skills training in which specialized skills are methodically taught. These skills are learned subtly through assistance and exchanges with others. Floor Time is based on child initiations that are supported by adults. In this model the child is the center of this universe.

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Improve Students’ Behaviour with 4 Easy To Follow Steps

Let’s face it, the days of ‘children should be seen and not heard’ are well and truly over. These days, children expect to be consulted, reasoned and negotiated with when they misbehave and there are sound psychological reasons for this. Giving children a voice and engaging them in behaviour improvement is more likely to be successful than the old school, ‘you can’t behave like that because I said so.’

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Autism

Autism is a disorder which affects the ability to communicate and in a way which is considered to be normal or typical. Nowadays, number of children diagnosed with autism is constantly increasing. It lead to the fact that one in 68 children suffers from a disorders of some spectrum. However, autism is multifarious since there is no only one type and symptoms can vary greatly. Here, I have listed five things every person should know about autism, since it is common, and affects many people around us.

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