Lee Passehl’s Inspiring Story – Courtesy AutismSociety

Lee Passehl was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and was diagnosed with autism at age three. Two months ago Lee achieved a significant milestone in his life – he celebrated his 30th birthday. With Autism Awareness Month around the corner, Lee looks back at his life and realizes how he has coped with several obstacles in his life, being autistic, and how he has managed to overcome all of them, and make it to this very day.

It all started in October 1998, when his mother introduced him to a TV show on autism. The story in the show showed a small boy with behavioral pattern similar to him, like spinning in circles and struggling to make eye contact. Lee immediately related the patterns similar to him. After the show, Lee went and asked his mother, if he has autism...

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Niam Jain, despite his blooming age (13) keeps inspiring people all over the world with his artistic skills which manifested in abstract paintings. Having been diagnosed with a social communication disorder at the age of two, this young boy had difficulties expressing himself as language was not the proper tool, even though Niam had so much to share with the rest of the world. This incredible artistic story began a year ago when Niam’s mother Nina Jain bought him a paintbrush.

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Children with autism vary in how profound their respective symptoms are. Every child is different, but many children with autism share the same characteristics. Also, it is not uncommon for children in the autism spectrum to have fixations on certain objects. For example, as a toddler, my son’s fixation was Hot Wheels. He would line them up along the edge of the kitchen counter; daily. This was done in a specific pattern and he immediately knew when a particular car was missing. Great behavior would add another car to his convoy. These fixations and actions bring children great joy and interest. So what may be an odd gift for a typical child may be a grand treasure for a child with autism. Case in point, my son’s current fixation is Legos and vacuums...

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Autism Rocks & Eventim Sponsored ‘One World’ by Rick Martin is a raging success!

In 2011, the youngest son of British philanthropist Sanjay Shah was diagnosed with autism. It took Mr Shah some time to accept that Nikhil was any different to other children. However, once he came to terms with the news, he decided to take action.

Sanjay Shah is not your ordinary businessman. He is an inspiring entrepreneur with a story to tell. After being laid off in 2007, Mr Shah proved he could handle pressure extremely well. Instead of accepting his fate, he actually reached greater success than ever before.

With typical creative flair, he decided to do something for his son Nikhil. And so Autism Rocks was born.

Autism Rocks promotes popular musicians through music events organized all over the world...

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