Pervasive Developmental Disorders – Everything You Need To Know

The term “pervasive development disorders,” is also called PDD and is associated with a series of conditions that include time lags in the development of many basic human skills. The most prominent among these is communication and the ability to socialize with others or to use imagination. Children with PDD are often confused and typically have problems in understanding what’s going around them.

Disorders described herein may be more or less severe. Some may be present and others not. To diagnose autism or PDD, a number of symptoms must be associated.  Different classifications have been developed to enable these diagnostics, which must be based on accurate assessments of human difficulties.

Impaired Social Interactions

People with autism have a poor understanding of social or emotional...


ABA (Applied Behavioral Analysis) – Tips before You Get Started

If your child suffers for autism, you may probably by now, understand his / her difficulties in expressing their needs, adjusting with their environment, behavioral patterns and more. Although, it seems to be a tough task, parents can implement behavioral therapy to help their child communicate better. ABA is the application of behavioral principles, to everyday situations, that will, over time, increase or decrease targeted behaviors. This therapy has been used to help children acquire many different skills, such as language skills, self-help skills, and play skills.

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Did You Know The Different Types Of ASD?

Since there are different variations of autism symptoms in children, there has been considerable overlap among people, which has led to the concept of autism spectrum disorder, or ASD.

1 out of every 68 children are affected by ASD in the U.S, and occur mostly among boys compared to girls. While most reports indicate autism to be on the rise, it’s unclear if the growing number is due to actual increase or improved detection of the condition.


Autism Spectrum Disorder and Play Skills: How to Build Social and Communication Skills, Together With Self-Esteem through Play

We all play for a variety of reasons – learning, exercise, stimulation, and entertainment – and it’s very much the same for autistic children. They’re learning and exploring the world, testing out ideas and having a good time – but it’s just not always in the way that we experience play.

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5 Things Everyone Should Know About Autism

Autism is a disorder which affects the ability to communicate and in a way which is considered to be normal or typical. Nowadays, number of children diagnosed with autism is constantly increasing. It lead to the fact that one in 68 children suffers from a disorders of some spectrum. However, autism is multifarious since there is no only one type and symptoms can vary greatly. Here, I have listed five things every person should know about autism, since it is common, and affects many people around us.

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Help Your Autistic Child with Reading Comprehension

Most people mistake reading comprehension with sight reading. The fact is, learning to read is a demanding process. Several complex cognitive functions are involved. It includes skills such as metacognition, visualization, drawing conclusions and navigating through information with personal experience. On the other hand, sight reading is characterized by decoding skills, phonetic and phonemic as well, which are usually strengths for students diagnosed with some form of autism.

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