It is challenging at first to understand that your child is different from others. Bringing up a child with special needs is more demanding but a determined parent has many options to enhance the communication between them and their child. Here are 5 suggestions:

Image Courtesy – Autism.org.uk

  1. Go For The Extraordinary

You may feel that you know your child is “in there” somewhere. Trust your feeling. See your child’s hidden gifts, even if they are blocked by lots of confusion and difficulties. Don’t define your child by his or her problems—they grew out of a cascade of challenges that you can address together slowly, carefully, and deliberately. Don’t aim for “normal.” People with autism are capable of astounding insights and creativity. Your goal should be to rejoice in their strengths and shore up their vulnerable spots, not to “fix” them.

  1. Know What You Can’t Control—And What You Can

The set of genes we are born with is what we will have for life, but that doesn’t mean our future is foretold. The power of individual genes is shaped by our environment. Your aim should be to create as supportive and nourishing an environment as possible — for yourself as well as your loved one with autism.

  1. Repair And Support Cells And Cycles

Everything we do relies on our cells. How well we do it all is affected by our cellular health. Problems in cells create slowdowns and glitches; nourishing them well will make them more energetic and efficient. This solid foundation for your child’s whole body and brain is well worth your serious effort.

  1. Get Gut And Immune Systems On Your Side

Napoleon Bonaparte once said that an “army marches on its stomach,” meaning that a fighting force will only be strong if it is well fed. Our digestive system gives us energy and building materials, and our immune system relies on the gut and its vast array of gut bugs to learn what’s friendly and fight what’s dangerous. Our digestive and immune systems are vulnerable to problems because they are exposed to the outside world. But that also means they are accessible to our efforts to fortify them — and when we help them, we help the whole body.

  1. Build Better Brain Health

Our brains need energy and nutrition supplies. The neurons you have for life depend on partnerships with a good blood supply and networks of other brain cells, which grow and change and respond to the environment. You can build brain health by reducing blockages like those caused by inflammation, and by feeding brain cells the nutrients they need to function. Better brain health will help restore the brain’s full powers.

These tasks are surely going to produce results but it’s a time-consuming task as well. Don’t hesitate writing to us to get more information or help.


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