Super Parenting

Here’s introducing super-parenting; an effective communication therapy that focuses on the parents of autistic children in order for them to have a deep understanding of how their child relates to everyday life, especially in terms of social skills .

This kind of therapy concentrates on kids with extreme autism, who are frequently unable to converse.

Super parenting for Autism

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During a training session the parent is accompanied by a therapist who helps them acquire a  set of “super-skills” with precision so that the parent can easily converse with their child. The idea behind it all emphasizes on improving the child’s daily interaction with the world.

Dr Catherine Aldred, a consultant speech and language therapist with Stockport NHS Trust, stressed it was not about blaming the pare...

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Adult Autism: The Challenges and Prospects

Today, there are thousands of adults who suffer from untreated autism and have difficulty finding information and programs to support their needs. There is much written about children with this condition, however very little is spoken about adult autism, and there may also be so many adults living undiagnosed. Knowing some of the common symptoms and facts about autism will help you figure out whether you are living with autism as an adult.

Am I autistic?

It’s quite common for people to have gone through life without a diagnosis of autism, feeling that somehow they don’t quite fit in. Many people learn to cope with life in their own ways, and they might be married or living with a partner, have families or successful careers...

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11 Things I have learned since Being Diagnosed as Autistic

For those of us who are autistic, the world appears vastly different from how it appears to other people.

And it gets even more interesting-if you can use that term-when you consider that as a spectrum condition, each autistic person sees the world differently from another. There is no seen-one-seen-‘em-all scenario here. On the contrary, once you’ve met one person with autism…you’ve met one person with autism-that’s it.

So, as one would expect, this is a much personalised list since I can only speak for myself. These are 11 things which I have learned since being diagnosed with autism.

When People Say They “Understand”…Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

When people say that they understand what autism is, what they mean is that they are aware...

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Developmental Stages of Infants and Children and the ASD Red Flags to look out for

How your child plays, learns, speaks, and acts offers vital clues about your child’s development.

Developmental milestones are things most children can do by a certain age.

Using the chart below, you can check the milestones your child has reached, every growth stage, until he or she is 5 years old.

The first chart gives you some indicative behaviors of normal growth in children, followed by red flags that you must watch for

in autistic children, for the age group mentioned. If your child displays any of the Autism Spectrum Disease symptoms, do visit your doctor for follow up action. The milestones cover – Physical Development, Cognitive Development, Language Development and Psychosocial Development.

Developmental Stage: Infancy: 0-6 months

Social & Emotional Development Language & ...

Stages of Adolescence and Autism Spectrum Disorder

Without the right support, adolescents on the autism spectrum retreat into themselves during this period of growth.

They experience loneliness and confusion, and there is an increased risk of depression and suicide during these years as well.

Not only is their social world unpredictable during adolescence; their response to this stress can be equally challenging.

Adolescents on the autism spectrum have unique challenges that are often difficult for their parents, teachers,

and peers to cope with. Children on autism spectrum rely on consistency and predictable social environments,

and teens enter this phase of life at an extreme disadvantage.

Many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are diagnosed in early childhood. But for others, the signs might

not be as clear...


Insurance Coverage for People with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism is a developmental disorder that can have a far reaching effect on an individual, hampering domains such as the cognitive, language, sensory, emotional and also motor integration and coordination.

Because autism is experienced as a cluster of symptoms, it is very important that families with people who are struggling with autism spectrum disorders take the time necessary to choose an insurance plan that serves their particular need.

Because of state regulation, most coverage plans cover applied behavioural analysis or ABA, which is one-on-one counselling to improve an autistic’s behaviour in different situations. But frequently this is not enough.

Problems Frequently Faced with Health Coverage

Those who have sought out health coverage specifically for autism know just how difficul...


Autism Assessment and Diagnosis

Assessment and Diagnoses of Autism

Finding out that somebody close to you may require assessment into whether they have autism is never an easy process to go through. But it is one that is best done as early as possible.

Early diagnoses of the problem, especially in children, can lead to vital interventions that could be potentially life-altering.

So how do you know whether to call the doctor?

There are certain signs to look out for when assessing the risk or possibility that a person has autism. While most people get assessed for autism in their early years, there are people who have high-functioning autism who only get diagnosed in their teens or later years.

The good thing is that no matter when the diagnosis is made, there is help and hope of treatment.

Assessing Autism in Kids

The wat...

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Hemp Oil and Autism

Autism is a neurological disorder that is characterised by communication difficulties, routine behaviour, learning problems, and social interaction problems.

Just as there is no known cause for autism or autism spectrum disorder, there is also no known cure for it either.

However, there is an increasing body of alternative or unconventional therapies that have been shown to be effective in treating the symptoms of autism, which are many.

The latest and so far the most controversial addition to this body of therapies is Hemp Oil or CBD Oil, an extract from marijuana and hemp plants. Another common name which you are likely to come across is cannabidiol.

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Crystal Healing and Autism

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine technique that employs stones and crystals.

Those who subscribe to this practice believe these crystals in the eons long process of being formed, acquire several unique physical properties that emit vibrations and strong energies which have an effect on the surrounding aura or energy fields of people.

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NT and Autism Spectrum Disorder

NT stands for neurotypical or neurologically typical, a term broadly used to describe those not on the Autism Spectrum. Lately the term has been restricted by the scientific community to be those whose neurology is typical, as in not struggling with any developmental disabilities such as Autism, ADHD, Dyslexia, or Developmental Coordination Disorder.

Thus a better term for the original definition of NT would be allistic, or nypical which describe someone who is not autistic.